To calculate how many solar panels you need, you need to know the following: Average electricity bill for your home (this is to find out the daily electricity usage); Extensive roof area, climate and peak sunlight in your area; Wattage and relative efficiency of selected Solar Panels; whether there is the use of net metering or not; and the last to adjust to your financial capabilities.

Solar panels do not generate electricity at night since the sun’s is not there. It work only when there is sunlight. But don’t worry, in the On-Grid System, you can still enjoy electricity at night because it is still connected to PLN. Whereas in the Off-Grid System, you can still enjoy electricity because the energy produced during the day is stored in energy storage

Solar Panels will produce maximum energy when a sunny day. In cloudy weather or cloudy skies, it can still produce energy but not as big as clear skies. You can expect the panel can generate energy around 25-30% compared to the result when the sky is clear.

If your solar panel system is connected to PLN, It will also shut off when PLN goes out. This happens to prevent the supply of electricity produced by solar panels and is sent to the system when PLN goes out because this can be dangerous. However, if you want to reserve energy during a power outage, you can add additional energy storage to integrate with your system with additional investment.

With Net metering. Net metering will show you how much energy you consume by Solar Panels or PLN.

Net Metering is a tool to record the electricity consumption that you use from PLN as well as the electricity consumption that you use from Solar Panels. The excess energy generated from the Solar Panel will be sent to PLN and recorded by the Net Metering as a reduction in your electricity bill for the month.

If sistem not operate during warranty period we will take care of it, we will pay of the cost. If the system is outside of our warranty period, but still in the manufacturer warranty , we will help to contact the manufacturer, but the cost to send the the material should be bear by the owner.

First you need to have your system have been pre comissionned, and then register for SLO, in the Department that have right to give SLO Certificate.An then go to the PLN Area where your home registered and ask for change the meter to PLN Net MeterBring the SLO certification to the PLNAnd wait until your meter is replaced

If you move to another house you can have 2 option for you solar system.1. You can leave it, and if you want to sell the house it will increase the property value2. You can dismantle it, and move it to your new house. Some adjustment might need to be made, for example need to procure mounting system and new cable. And then need to register to PLN again for the net metering

Yes you can, currently solar panel system are in modular, so it can be expanded and add battery as requested


Better Energy for Your home

By generating your own electricity from solar energy system, you will save substantial amount of money in the next 25 years constantly while regular electricity rate increases.

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