Saving Up to 40%

Produce clean energy from your own home. Enjoy an extremely reduced of your electricity bills every month!

Find out how much Rupiahs you can save!

Using Solar Panels at noon, combine it with Local Grid (PLN) at night, and see what happens on your electricity bills in the end of month. Calculate your savings with Syntek Solar Calculators

Savings Calculator Rooftop Solar Panels

On Grid System (Connect to PLN)

Your home has potential Bills Saving up to IDR 171,634

Terms and Condition
  • This calculations happens in general conditions.
  • Calculation can change depending on the position of the house, available roof area, type of roof, type of solar panels and inverters used, experts, and others.
  • For accurate calculation, please click contact us button.
  • Financial calculations are estimated and cannot be used to make financial decisions without agreement with solar electricity experts

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3 Reason Why Going Solar Panel?

Saving Your Money

By using solar panels, you can generate free energy by yourself and reduce even eliminate your dependence on utility grids (PLN). If your solar panel connected to the Grid, you can use solar panels during the day and then using utility grid at night to fulfill your electricity needs. That way, your bill will be drastically reduced!

Saving Our Planet

Unlike fossil fuels that produce gas emissions and cannot be recycled, Solar panels will never run out while the sun is still shining. The good news, solar panels also do not produce harmful gases as their predecessors did.

Easy Maintenance

After solar panels are installed, it will last for 25 years and there is not much you need to do. There are no moving parts that must be maintained. The only thing that you can do is clean the solar panel with water to remove dust or dirt that might stick.

Better Energy for Your home

By generating your own electricity from solar energy system, you will save substantial amount of money in the next 25 years constantly while regular electricity rate increases.

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